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  1. Envision your future career and role – Search LinkedIn for employee profiles and related skill tags/job descriptions. Browse job boards to see which tasks and technologies are required. Reach out to potential advisors and to learn more about industries, roles, and required skills.
  2. Focus on an industry – Every organization requires cyber security professional, including consulting firms of all sizes, banks, governments, hospitals and insurers, technology providers, universities and more. Many industries subject to regulation, which determines the compliance activities and cybersecurity frameworks used. Common industry frameworks include PCI (payment cards), HIPAA (health), FFIEC (banking), and NERC (energy).
  3. Perform in your role – Cyber security roles often require a different, highly specialized body of knowledge. Major areas include network security, product/application security, forensics/incident response, and consulting. Which area excites you? Learn about different roles and experiment to see which roles suits your individual strengths and interests. A list of common roles, industries, and salary information is provided below for reference.