VetsinTech Online: Artificial Intelligence Academy

By 2022, 30% of all AI cyberattacks will leverage training-data poisoning, AI model theft, or adversarial samples to attack AI-powered systems. AI security is the upcoming/emerging response within Cybersecurity.

When compared to all other emerging jobs, Artificial Intelligence Specialists account for 74% of annual growth and are ranked at #1.

Artificial Intelligence or AI, refers to a broad field of science encompassing not only computer science but also psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and other areas. The founding father of AI Alan Turing defines this discipline as: "AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs" (Deloitte)

Leverage your advanced leadership skills by completing the Artificial Intelligence Program with VetsinTech and NC State University! Sign up now to begin the application process and confirm your eligibility! Open to U.S. Active Military, Veterans, and Mil/Vet Spouses!

The A.I. Academy curriculum is comprised of four courses: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Human-Computer Interaction. You will complete one course every ten weeks of the program. There will be live, online course meetings each week using Zoom video conferencing technologies. First, there will be a SEMINAR each week which is a 120-minute session where the introduction of new concepts, skills, and tasks will be presented and discussed. For students who cannot attend the live SEMINAR session, the SEMINAR will be recorded and made available through our course portal. Each course will also include two WORKSHOP sessions each week which are 60-minutes each where participants will be guided through the application of the content as they complete group and individual tasks to grow their understanding of the content. Finally, each course will include additional work outside the actual class meetings including assignments that will be connected to the apprenticeship placement.

Duration: 6 months